Mechanics Bay is a private heliport. It may be used only with the prior written consent of the operator.

Mechanics Bay is one of the busiest heliports in New Zealand. Because of the high volume of movements, the following rules have been developed to protect users, pilots, operators and passengers.

Please review the rules regularly for updates.

 A) Helipad Bookings:

  1. Visiting helicopters are to use helipad, refer map
  2. All bookings must be made and pre-paid through 
  3. Online bookings must be made at least 60 minutes in advance, if you need a short notice booking or to change a booking within 60 minutes, call Eagleflight Aviation on 09 965 9900
  4. Bookings must be made by the pilot in command or the operator of the helicopter
  5. All bookings are subject to availability
  6. A cancellation fee applies for cancellations made 24 or more hours in advance
  7. No refund will be provided for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance or in case of no-show
  8. If a booking is not changed or cancelled in time it will be forfeited with no refund, as you may have taken a slot another operator could have used
  9. You must be airborne by the end time of your booking. This will be strictly enforced
  10. Any requests to use a second helipad may be considered, fee details can be found on the fees page
  11. A terminal usage fee may apply for groups of passengers larger than one helicopter load
  12. Eagleflight Aviation Ltd reserves the right to cancel or refuse bookings for any reason at their discretion

B) Heliport Rules:

  1. All pilots must follow the heliport procedures as listed in the AIP VOL. 4 for NZMB
  2. Visiting helicopters may use the heliport for passenger operations only
  3. If loading or unloading passengers with the engine running, pilots must remain within the immediate vicinity of the helicopter.
  4. Passenger egress and escort
  • Access to the operational area is through the Helicopter Me lounge or side gate
  • Pilots must accompany and escort passengers at all times whilst on the apron and take-off and landing area
  • All persons must use the designated walkways and keep clear of other aircraft
  • The side pedestrian gate is available for after-hours access, and can be opened from the inside
  1. Use of luggage trolleys
  • Luggage trolley availability is not guaranteed
  • Luggage trolleys must be held or braked at all times and are not to be left unattended
  • The pilot/operator using the luggage trolley is liable for any damage or loss related costs
  1. Loose Items
  • Loose items such as luggage, cargo, aircraft equipment, jackets, plastic bags etc must be secured at all times
  • Loose items can only be placed on the ground temporarily for the purpose of loading and unloading when safe to do so and must remain within arm’s length
  1. Fueling
  • Jet A1 is available for heliport users, access via Z Card
  1. Car Parking
  • Pay-by-plate parking is available onsite for passengers
  • Spaces marked “Helicopter Me” are for Helicopter Me customers only
  1. Vehicles on the apron
  • No vehicles are to be on the apron without permission from Eagleflight Aviation
  • Emergency vehicles and fuel tanker trucks may be on the apron from time to time
  1. Security and Safety
  • No person may enter the operational area unless they are the pilot of a helicopter onsite or an escorted passenger, other than those approved by the heliport operator
  • The heliport area is monitored 24/7
  • Any breaches of security must be reported to Eagleflight Aviation immediately
  • Any incidents, accidents and near misses at Mechanics Bay Heliport must be reported to Eagleflight Aviation immediately
  1. Fees
  • All heliport fees can be found here
  • Your credit/debit card will be charged at the time of booking
  • Landing without a booking will result in the pilot and/or operator being denied future access to the heliport.